Junichi Hasegawa

Vice President Of Asia

Jun sets direction for business strategy, sales, and marketing in Asia for Basis Technology as well as leadership for the Japan office in particular, drawing on his varied and deep professional experience in a 30+ year high-tech career. He is exceptionally well-rounded for having led the way on less traveled and challenging roads. Jun actively pursues opportunities to break new ground and launch new business models. His most recent project is to promote financial inclusion in growth countries, including Indonesia. Previously, he launched a successful Amazon Japan in the early days of ecommerce, developed and implemented ERP systems at PeopleSoft/Oracle, deployed PowerBuilder for accelerating client/server computing in Japan, and researched AI and computer vision at Advanced Telecommunications Research (ATR).

Jun received MS in management from MIT Sloan School. He has been a lecturer as Visiting Professor at Hosei Business School of Innovation Management and Visiting Lecturer at Aoyama Business School for over 10 years, both to deepen his own understanding through teaching, and to explore his interests in platform strategy and digital transformation.