Understand Your Customers

How do your customers feel about your products and brand? What are visitors writing online about your hotel? Rosette analyzes reviews, social media, and comments in many languages to find mentions of products and companies, and the sentiment around them.

Verify Identities

The ability to fuzzy match names across spelling variations, languages, and scripts is critical to border security, financial compliance watch list screening, call centers. That’s why major financial compliance vendors, the U.S. Customs and Border Protection, and more rely on Rosette name matching.

Anticipating World Events

Signals of coming civil unrest, blossoming epidemics, or patterns of fraud are hidden among millions of data points whether from social media, chat rooms, blogs, news articles, or intelligence chatter. Rosette parses these communications in over 30+ languages to fuel algorithms in predictive analytics systems.

Investigate Crime

Digital devices are a larger and larger part of our lives and similarly more and more important to criminal investigations that rely on evidence on computers, smartphones, network computers, and websites. Our cyber forensics group spearheads development of open source digital forensic tools and works closely with government agencies to support digital exploitation missions.