BasisTech Alumni Reunion

BasisTech Alumni Reunion

1070 Broadway
Somerville, MA

April 6, 2024


The people who worked at Basistech over the last 28 years are what made it a special place. BasisTech is organizing a social event for a reunion of employees, partners and friends on April 6, 2024. The events will run from afternoon through evening.

This reunion of current and past BasisTech employees, partners and friends will take place at 1070 Broadway in Somerville, MA.

Saturday, April 6 program (in-person at 1070 Broadway, Somerville, MA):

  • 2-4pm family-friendly afternoon activities that welcome spouses/partners and children (under parent supervision)
    • Taiko drumming and workshop from 2:30-3:45pm
  • 6-9pm adult-only dinner and evening event where spouses/partners are welcome
    • 6-6:30pm Cocktail hour and photo taking of the different Basis “eras”
    • 6:30pm Keynote alumni speakers
    • 7pm Dinner
    • 7:30pm Open mic alumni speakers

For alumni-only details about the reunion, or if you have any photos of old BasisTech events or office scenes we could run in a slideshow at the event? Please email events at our domain URL.