How Unique IDs Link Records to Keep Schools Running and Programs Funded

Tuesday, July 12, 2 pm ET | 11 am PT

Maintaining complete records of school staff and students is essential for managing daily school operations, and accurate student headcounts are vital for receiving correct federal funding.

One solution is to assign an unique ID for use across the school system, but students’ names must be matched with their unique IDs while still maintaining their privacy. This becomes challenging when many students have the same or similar names.

In this webinar Elissa Seto, Director of Sales and Marketing at eScholar and Tina Lieu, Content Consultant at BasisTech discuss the challenges associated with accurately identifying students across large education systems, and how AI-driven name matching can help.

Attendees will learn:

  • How unique IDs help state and local education agencies enroll students accurately and efficiently, and track them across multiple programs
  • How identity matching AI can quickly and unambiguously determine whether a student is associated with a particular ID
  • How match scores work to alert users that human intervention might be needed to resolve a match


This webinar is hosted by BasisTech, with special guest eScholar.


Elissa Seto

Tina Lieu