Text Analytics

80% of big data is represented by “unstructured” text chunks found in documents, web pages, and databases with all the hallmarks of big data: the three Vs (Volume, Velocity, and Variety). This unstructured text is also multilingual, covering many languages and scripts, in all of their complexities and challenges.

Transform your unstructed text into tradable information in three steps:

text analytics

Find Documents

text analytics

Extract Entities

text analytics

Connect the Dots

Unlock the potential of your data with Text Analytics

Because of the intrinsic nature of unstructured text, standard enterprise data solutions have a very limited ability to understand and utilize this treasure trove of information. By combining linguistic analysis, statistical modeling, and machine learning, Text Analytics, enables you to get the most out of your data.

Most Common Practice Areas of Text Analytics:

  • Search and Retrieval
  • Business Intelligence
  • E-Discovery
  • Digital Forensics
  • and Financial Compliance
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Discover Our Text Analytics Solutions


Rosette®, provided by BasisTech, is a suite of linguistic analysis components that integrate into applications to quickly add multilingual capabilities for mining unstructured data.

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Highlight was created by linguistics and text analytics experts at BasisTech in order to simplify IC-compliant workflow and report generation, greatly reducing the number of name inconsistencies from translator and intelligence analyst reports. Highlight currently supports 6 languages: Arabic, Dari, Farsi, Russian, Mandarin, and Pashto.

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