Enhance Your Business With Professional NLP Services

Reduce Human Labor with Artificial Intelligence

Increase your competitive edge by fully leveraging your text, and transform your business by automating manual, time-consuming tasks with natural language processing (NLP) technology.

By leveraging our core competency, your team can stay focused on theirs. We listen to your goals, assess your data and needs, and figure out the best way NLP technology can strategically boost your application or system. Our consultants, data scientists, developers, and linguistic engineers have the knowledge and resources to get the most out of unstructured text and semi-structured text like names and addresses through:

  • Data analysis, consulting, and advising to inform and accelerate your projects
  • Building stable, mature, production-ready solutions to meet your business goals
  • Providing technical NLP training and workshops to enable your teams

NLP Implementation Examples

Compliance Screening

Reduce false positives and false negatives in matching identities: We work with your team to analyze the specific matching needs of your data (e.g., names, addresses, and other record attributes), and transfer best practices for tuning and configuring.

Extraction, Tagging, and Linking

Automate metadata extraction and knowledge base linking: Extract and link to key data points automatically by increasing accuracy on your data, adding new entity types or linking entities to your own knowledge base.

Social Media/Voice-of-Customer

Extract trends and insights from unstructured online text: Classify customer communications and extract themes and thoughts from each customer segment using your categories. Increase the accuracy of entity-level sentiment analysis on your data.

Multilingual Search

Increase search relevancy across languages: Use natural language processing in your search application to achieve precision and recall in 40+ languages. We have 20+ years’ experience advising search engine giants on going multilingual.

Custom NLP Solutions

Develop and integrate custom code: If you have a text-intensive or names-centric data problem, we can architect and implement a solution for you, whether it’s classifying and prioritizing support tickets or increasing accuracy of a screening process to reduce costs and risk.

NLP Education

Invest in and enable your engineering team: Our training sets up your team to integrate NLP into a system or application. We will empower you to independently configure and maintain your NLP. Our seminars include NLP basics, avoiding data corruption in international data, name matching, and best practices for tuning NLP.


Our professional services team gives you:

  • NLP experts and data scientists who can propose the best solution for you, drawing on broad and deep knowledge of data issues and the latest technologies
  • Focus for your in-house team to dedicate to your core business
  • Shorter time-to-deployment
  • A production-ready and lasting solution you can be confident in.

What to Expect in a Service Engagement

Listening and Assessment

We begin every engagement by listening. Regardless of what seems possible, tell us your dream. What pain points need relief? We can then discuss options for what is possible, easy, and hard, and make recommendations. You decide when to move ahead.

Integration and Configuration

If Rosette already has the features you need, we can assist with integration, such as a bit of “glue code” written to your system. We’ll configure Rosette to meet your needs, so that your team can get on with their business.

  • Name matching has a dizzying array of flexible configurations and options. Our two-day name matching workshop will give your engineers hands-on experience and the knowledge to tune and configure Rosette for best results.
  • Entity extraction and linking also have multiple options for error correction and tuning, which don’t necessarily require model retraining or data annotation.
  • Event and relationship extraction are trainable to return the facts you need to see most.

Domain-specific Adaptation

Perhaps you have financial, medical, or scientific data, and you need better accuracy than what you have achieved with off-the-shelf technologies. Our team has state-of-the-art approaches that will reduce or avoid the annotation and data work required to create custom models that will perform more accurately on your data.

New Models, Languages, Entities, and Categories

The best model is always the one trained on your data. If your needs demand a high level of accuracy on specific data, we can build a model with production-level accuracy for you, whether it’s entity extraction, sentiment analysis, categorization, or another NLP task. If you need to support a new language or extract a different entity type, our in-house experts will prepare high-quality training data, and train the model so it “just works” for you.

Have a question for us? Or simply seeking some advice on NLP? Speak to one of our experts.