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Names are vitally important data points in the government space, yet it can be challenging to match names and connect entities when your data includes variables such as misspellings, aliases or nicknames, initials, and non-Latin scripts. BasisTech is the first choice of multiple U.S. government agencies when it comes to managing the complexities of names analytics.

Watchlist Monitoring

Our borders can be significantly strengthened through the use of applications built on text analytics to find insights from diverse data sources. The first hint that a visitor may be on a watch list is a name match. You need a tool that can identify individuals through their legal name, nickname(s), initials, truncations, and all possible misspellings and iterations, regardless of language and across scripts.

When even a single failure to match a name can be the difference between life or death, it is simply too risky to rely on outdated methods. Our tools increase the ability of intelligence analysts and border security personnel to see the most vital data quickly and enable them to make the final decisions that require human experience and intellect.

Identity Resolution

Government agencies require reliable identity resolution to fight terrorism and protect citizens. At the border, security officers need accurate identity matches to fairly enforce immigration policies. Domestically, social service agencies with disparate databases must reconcile client identity, to both ensure benefits go to eligible people, and to eliminate fraud.

Correctly identify and connect persons of interest with industry-leading name matching coupled with alternatives personally identifiable information such as birthdate, nationality, address, email, and more. Our tools can allow you to avoid complicated multi-field queries with one field for every potential name variation. Simplify your identity verification workflow with custom queries to generate candidate documents, and rescore queries to grade names and rerank results accordingly.

Name Standardization

Names are perhaps the most vital form of text data that the intelligence community, however only a small portion of the names in the world are written in English. When agents and analysts are working with multilingual data sources, extracting and transliterating names automatically within the document or spreadsheet improves speed and accuracy.

We are the de facto standard within the intelligence community for name-related analytics. We use industry-leading technologies, such as linguistic algorithms and statistical modeling, to quickly process millions of names from foreign languages and produce highly accurate standardized English translations.

Work With Us

BasisTech has been the defacto leader in multilingual text analytics for the intelligence and border security communities for over twenty years. We have experience both working directly with government agencies and with systems integrators to deliver within you current solution. Our names analytics functionality is currently in production within multiple government agencies. Connect with our sales team to learn more.

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