Custom Solutions for Digital Forensics

Digital forensics tools with advanced analytics built for your unique needs.

Our team of digital forensics engineers has extensive experience building applications for customers to solve real-life needs including:

  • Distributed systems that analyze hard drive data in parallel on a cluster of computers to obtain quick results
  • Graphical interface applications concentrated on the workflow of a specific group, enabling a more focused interface and decreased training time
  • Parsers for physical memory dumps, from mobile devices that were acquired by JTAG or chip removal, that are not supported by other tools
  • Modules for The Sleuth Kit framework and Autopsy

Tackling Large-Scale Data with Automation

Larger, cheaper data storages, and the spread of smart devices means analytics and automation are the only way investigators can keep up. Basis Technology incorporates automation in our analytic solutions in several ways:

  • Automate repeatable tasks: Batch processing systems automatically perform standard and tedious tasks on each device image. With notification when the processing is complete, the investigator can focus on analyzing results from other drives.
  • Knowledge management: Shared modules automatically store the activities and knowledge of a lab’s investigators. As they analyze subsequent cases, investigators become more efficient and know where to find evidence. This effective knowledge management ensures new investigators will not miss evidence, and critical knowledge is preserved if investigators leave the team. By automatically storing the collective knowledge of a lab’s investigators in a shared system, any investigator can efficiently analyze all case media.
  • Focus on user experience: Graphical interfaces are set up with the same basic first steps that a given lab uses to start any investigation. The tools remember the previous settings, which reduces error.

Leverage Existing Open Source Frameworks

Government agencies require reliable identity resolution to fight terrorism and protect citizens. At the border, security officers need accurate identity matches to fairly enforce immigration policies. Domestically, social service agencies with disparate databases must reconcile client identity, to both ensure benefits go to eligible people, and to eliminate fraud.

As part of our custom development work, we have implemented frameworks consisting of reusable building blocks that work together to create extensible end-to-end systems. These frameworks have been released as open source software, as an evolution of The Sleuth Kit framework and Autopsy platforms, in an effort to build critical mass to benefit the industry around open frameworks for digital forensics and to eliminate siloed solutions.

We have built many modules with advanced features, including text analytics from our Rosette platform, algorithms for finding correlation among multiple drives, and video triage. Learn more about custom modules for these frameworks.

Work With Us

Basis Technology has been a leader in multilingual text analytics for intelligence and border security communities for over 20 years. We work directly with government agencies or systems integrators to deliver capabilities within existing solutions. Our AI-powered, intelligent fuzzy name matching is in production use at multiple government agencies. Connect with our sales team to learn more.