Text analytics for government, intelligence, and border security

BasisTech has been the defacto leader in multilingual text analytics for the intelligence and border security communities for over twenty years. We have experience both working directly with government agencies and with systems integrators to deliver within your current solution.

Identity Intelligence

Names are vitally important data points in the government space, yet it can be challenging to match names and connect entities when your data includes variables such as misspellings, aliases or nicknames, initials, and non-Latin scripts. BasisTech is the first choice of multiple U.S. government agencies when it comes to managing the complexities of names analytics.

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Foreign Text Exploitation

Vast lakes of open source data contain the information necessary to empower your agents to make informed decisions, but if you’re limited by language or script you’re only accessing a fraction of the global picture. BasisTech powers solutions for social data exploitation, anticipatory intelligence, combatting disinformation, and OSINT analysis.

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Watchlisting for Secure Borders

When missing even a single match against a watchlist puts your citizens at risk, you need the best watchlisting tools available in the hands of your border security agents. Minimize false negatives and positives, and increase the ability of analysts and security personnel to see the most vital data quickly, and form the final conclusions that still require human experience and intellect.

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Custom Solutions for Digital Forensics

For agencies and labs whose requirements are not met by off-the-shelf digital forensics tools, BasisTech can build a system that meets your specific needs. By continuously evolving our digital forensics software frameworks and leveraging the experience of our digital forensics examiners, BasisTech’s engineers quickly adapt to our customers unique requirements and build extensible and scalable software solutions for today’s changing digital forensics landscape and customers.

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