TrustServista Exposes Fake News With Text Analytics by Rosette

Startup Zetta Cloud traces back news articles, identifying those “contaminated” by erroneous news sources

CAMBRIDGE, MA—January 31, 2017— Basis Technology, the leader in AI for human language, announced today that Romanian startup Zetta Cloud selected Basis Technology’s Rosette® text analytics to power their application TrustServista, bringing trust to the online news community.

Professional journalists vet their sources to ensure they’re sharing accurate and unbiased information. However, erroneous news creates an online “epidemic,” and no person can track every source to its origin.

The Zetta Cloud team, led by CEO Emil Stetco, CSO George Bara, and CCO Sebastian Ionita, is tuning a proprietary “trust algorithm” that calculates trustworthiness scores in real-time for online articles. These scores empower readers to decide whether to trust an article.

Rosette text analytics plays an integral role in this trust scoring process. Zetta Cloud uses Rosette’s multilingual entity extraction, sentiment analysis, and text embedding to create profiles of reputable and not-so-reputable news—tracing references across languages.

Zetta Cloud chose Rosette for its breadth of capabilities and languages, but was also drawn to Rosette’s affordable startup program and responsive support community:

“It feels like Basis Technology cares about the customer,” Stetco says. “They come back to us with solutions outside the Rosette platform if necessary. We said, ‘Whoa, that’s the support we’re looking for, and what we should offer our customers as well.’”

“Zetta Cloud is solving a very thorny problem with a highly novel approach. Our Startup Program was created precisely to help quickly realize this kind of groundbreaking work,” Itai Rolnick, Basis Technology’s VP of Engineering, says. “Working with the leading edge of innovation lets us continually improve Rosette to provide the capabilities to meet evolving market needs.”


About Zetta Cloud

Zetta Cloud provides innovative software solutions and research services for intelligent data analytics. The company is funded by numerous investors, also receiving a grant from Google’s Digital News Initiative, supporting innovation in journalism. For more information, visit their website, follow them on Twitter, or email