Kono Automatically Schedules Your Meetings with Text Analytics from Basis Technology

Rosette linguistics enables artificial intelligence mobile scheduler to understand natural language requests

CAMBRIDGE, Mass. Sept. 20, 2016 — Basis Technology, the leader in multilingual text analytics, announced today that Konolabs Inc. has integrated Rosette® entity extraction into its Kono product ( in order to interpret natural language text messages.

Scheduling meetings on a smartphone is nearly impossible. Between checking calendars and coordinating across time zones, you need an assistant. Kono, an artificial intelligence (AI) scheduler for busy professionals, provides just that. With Rosette entity extraction, it can now identify key words such as a time or a place to improve its ability to recommend meetings, allowing users to interact with the app more intuitively.

Take for example, “I want to meet @athos, @porthos, Sept 5b in Cambridge.” Rosette identifies “Sept 5” as a time and “Cambridge” as a place, which Kono uses to help find openings in the calendars of fellow Kono users Athos and Porthos, while also emailing

“We reviewed several open APIs and other natural language processing solutions. Rosette is reliable and flexible, allowing us to customize the entity extractor to our needs,” YJ Min, Founder of Konolabs, said. “As a startup, we need to focus exclusively on our core AI technology, rather than the nuances of linguistics, so we found a dependable partner in Basis Technology.”

Like a human assistant, Kono learns user preferences and provides increasingly personalized recommendations for meeting dates and times, based on the user’s availability, traveling time to the meeting destinations, and other contextual data. Kono interfaces seamlessly with non-Kono users through email or texting.

“Ideas from startups like Konolabs continually expand the possibilities of text analytics, simplifying multi-step tasks and leveraging data that supports our pace of life and business,” Carl Hoffman, CEO of Basis Technology, said. “In the same vein, Basis Technology is constantly expanding our capabilities and features to meet the growing needs of this market.”

Konolabs is a participant in Basis Technology’s Startup Program which makes Rosette accessible and affordable to high-impact, early-stage companies. Access to professional grade text analytics at a price that accommodates the fiscal realities of a young company means startups can more quickly go to market with their ideas. Members of the Startup Program include applications for voice of the customer, Fed watching, authorship ID, video search, and more. Basis Technology is proud to foster the growth of innovative, young companies while expanding our platform into new markets. For more information, visit

About Basis Technology

Analyzing text—the hardest part of big data—is critical to verifying identity, understanding customers, anticipating world events, and uncovering crime. Companies such as Airbnb®, Luminoso®, Recorded Future®, Tamr™, and Yelp®, and agencies across the U.S. intelligence community, use Rosette to solve their toughest human language problems. For over 20 years, Basis Technology has been at the forefront of natural language processing applied to enterprise search, social listening, e-commerce, and e-discovery. Our cyber forensics team pioneers better, faster, and cheaper techniques to extract digital evidence, keeping government and law enforcement ahead of exponential growth of data volumes. For more information, visit or write to

About Konolabs

Konolab’s mission is to develop and commercialize useful artificial intelligence (AI) time management solutions for professionals all over the world. Kono is a service that makes scheduling simple. Rather than having inefficient, back-and-forth emails about availability, location, and food preference, Kono’s user-friendly technology makes setting up events a quick and painless task. As users are using Kono, Kono’s AI technology learns the user’s preferences and suggests better and better options for meetings. For more information, write to or visit