Free Autopsy Digital Forensics Training Available for U.S. Law Enforcement

New Online Course from Basis Technology Empowers All Levels of Law Enforcement to Build Court-Admissible Cybercrime Cases Using Free, Open Source Software.

CAMBRIDGE, Mass., April 9, 2020 — Americans rely on technology more than ever before, creating new opportunities for theft, fraud, and abuse. Law enforcement needs tools and training in digital forensics that fit their limited budgets. To address this need, Basis Technology ( is working with the Department of Homeland Security, Science and Technology Directorate (DHS S&T) to provide free online software training for Autopsy, a free tool for digital forensics. Over 500 members of U.S. law enforcement have already registered for the training. Agents can register at

“We are trying to break down the education barrier that prevents investigators from tackling their rapidly increasing load of cybercrime cases,” said Brian Carrier, CTO of Basis Technology. “The tools are available to analyze the increasing number and diversity of digital devices, but law enforcement needs more investigators trained to take on these cases.”

The online course was created with funding from DHS S&T as part of their efforts to provide advanced forensics capabilities to law enforcement via open source tools.

The eight-hour online training program enables law enforcement agents to get hands-on training for Autopsy, the world’s most popular open source digital forensics platform. The course shows investigators how to install, configure, and use Autopsy to conduct a digital forensics investigation. Students learn about finding known bad files, searching for keywords, timelines, and more.

“The capabilities of Autopsy are rapidly expanding to include support for drones, mobile devices, cloud computing, and large numbers of devices,” continued Carrier. “It’s vital that agencies can take advantage of these free advanced capabilities, and that’s exactly why we’ve decided to provide this free resource.”

About Basis Technology

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