Basis Technology releases a free Cyber Triage version at RSA

Allows even the smallest IT departments to properly investigate their computers for cyber attacks

CAMBRIDGE, MA—February 9, 2017— Basis Technology, the leader in open source digital forensics, announced today that Cyber Triage 2.0 will be released at the RSA Conference. Included in the release are additional automated analytics, a new interface and a free version.

Cyber Triage helps companies investigate their computers to determine if they have been compromised by attackers. Easy to use and deploy, companies can use it even if they are only starting to detect and respond to incidents.

Many organizations are not adequately investigating their computers because they do not have the resources for expensive solutions or the staff to use them. When alerted of a possible intrusion, they look at the antivirus logs. If the antivirus program is happy, then the alert is assumed to be a false positive. But, antivirus will miss any incidents that do not involve malware.

Cyber Triage 2.0 allows companies to investigate all places that could have evidence of an intrusion, including user activity, system configurations, and backdoors. It’s affordable and easy to deploy because it has only the features that 99% of companies need and does not install software agents on every computer before the attack.

The release of Cyber Triage 2.0 includes a number of updates and new capabilities, including:

  • A new interface that exposes more of the collected data
  • A timeline of incidents to give context indicators
  • Cyber Triage Lite, a free version that does not include malware scanning or analytics

“Confirming an intrusion quickly is crucial, which is why we are offering Cyber Triage Lite, so that IT departments can know when to call in outside experts,” Brian Carrier, VP of Digital Forensics at Basis Technology, said. “It’s important that all companies have an effective first response to contain an incident and minimize the damage to their network.”

RSA is occurring February 13-17 in San Francisco. Join Basis Technology at booth S2622 to learn more about Cyber Triage and see a demo of the software.

About Basis Technology

BASIS TECHNOLOGY develops innovative products and solutions incorporating multilingual text analytics and digital forensics. Basis Technology is the primary contributor to the popular Autopsy open source digital forensics tool, which has 20,000+ downloads for each release and was designed to be an extensible platform. That extensibility is used by Cyber Triage to provide digital forensics recovery in an easy to use incident response tool.