Basis Technology Partners with MongoDB to Improve Data Accessibility for Government Agencies

Popular database adds language support to text search, critical to federal projects

CAMBRIDGE, Mass., June 28, 2016 — Basis Technology, the leader in multilingual text analytics, today announced a technical partnership with MongoDB, the company behind the most popular non-relational database MongoDB. With MongoDB 3.2, released in December 2015, users are able to easily integrate Rosette® text analytics to extend high-quality multilingual search within MongoDB’s native in-database search. Rosette enhances search in over 20 languages. The integration currently includes those most critical to government applications–Arabic, Chinese, Persian, Dari, and Urdu. For many applications, MongoDB’s native text search eliminates the requirement to integrate a dedicated search engine alongside the database. This reduces cost and complexity, while allowing users the ability to search and navigate the latest copies of the data.

MongoDB users can license Rosette through Basis Technology and then simply drop Rosette into their MongoDB installation, which passes data between the database and Rosette. Rosette increases the comprehensiveness of multilingual search results without decreasing precision, by finding the dictionary form of words to associate related words—such as “spoke” (when used as a verb) with “speak”, but not when it’s used as a noun for example. Details on enabling the integration can be found in the MongoDB text search documentation.

“When Rosette is brought into recent government projects, we find that, the database most often used is MongoDB,” Christopher Biow, SVP Public Sector of Basis Technology, said. “So it was a natural choice to partner with MongoDB to make that integration easy for our public sector customers.”

“One of the most important requirements for a database lies in being able to find the right data when you need it, and search is one of the most natural ways users can navigate the vast amounts of data generated by modern applications” said Alan Chhabra, MongoDB VP of Partners. “We are excited to work with Rosette so MongoDB users can further enhance search for the critical data they need across multiple languages.”

Visit Basis Technology at MongoDB World ’16, June 28-29, 2016 at the Hilton Midtown in NYC.

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