Basis Technology Helps Turn the Web Into a Language Learning Environment

Users Incorporate What They Read Online to Help Them Learn a New Language

CAMBRIDGE, MA–(Apr 22, 2015) – For people who can’t study a new language abroad, offers the next best thing: turning the Web into their textbook by integrating real-world context into their new language learning. Via the web browser extension, users click on words unfamiliar to them from email, social media, or news to display dictionary definitions, grammar data and additional articles containing these words at the appropriate learning level. is the latest innovative business to take advantage of the Basis Technology Startup Program that makes professional-grade text analytics available to early-stage, high-impact startups. Under the hood, uses Rosette Language Identifier and Rosette Base Linguistics from Basis Technology to detect the language of the words, even when the page containing the words has multiple languages, and identify each word’s part of speech within its sentence to determine the correct definition. The user can see the parts of speech, along with the word’s various dictionary forms, beside the sentence’s translation to the user’s native language. offers a powerful tool for private tutors and teachers to help them find authentic materials at the right level for their students, prepare homework, and monitor student progress. It complements online courseware and classroom learning for any level student. For individual users, puts words in real world contexts, giving the learning experience structure and providing tools for reviewing words and tracking progress.

“Vocabulary acquisition is particularly important to users emerging from the intermediate plateau to enter advanced proficiency. Basis Technology’s text analytics had the speed and accuracy needed for’s computationally intensive environment in which we’re always reassessing a learner’s level based on the words clicked,” Jan Ihmels, Ph.D., CEO and Co-Founder of, said. “ is unique in its context-driven approach. We’re constantly looking out for and measuring your working vocabulary. You are your vocabulary.”

“ innovates language learning in how it personalizes study to each person’s level and context, while cleverly taking advantage of the content on the Web,” James Andrews, Senior Product Marketing Manager of Basis Technology, said. “We are excited to support an innovation so important to our increasingly interconnected world.”

About is at once an education company, founded by academics from Cambridge and Stanford, and a disruptive tech-startup that has developed a vocabulary-focused solution to help people learn languages via immersion in authentic newspaper articles. The patent-pending technology behind the platform takes an innovative approach to quantifying language learning through exposure and online interaction. promotes mastery of a foreign language via a personalized, adaptive and fun learning feed, paving the way to fluency by harnessing the natural browsing behavior of users.’s blended learning solution can be used as a stand-alone product or to complement language classes and self-study. It is cloud synced and operable via desktop or mobile, supporting 18+ dictionary languages. Visit for more information.

About Basis Technology

Basis Technology provides software solutions for extracting meaningful intelligence from unstructured text. The Startup Program makes our Rosette linguistics platform available to high-impact, early-stage companies at an entry-level price. By starting with professional-grade text analytics, these innovators can focus on realizing their core technology instead of wasting valuable time re-inventing text analytics or adapting tools that may not scale or have the accuracy required by a production system.


James Andrews