Basis Technology Brings Deep Search to Salesforce

Acquisition of KonaSearch provides millions of Salesforce users access to AI-driven search

BOSTON, Mass. — June 25, 2019 — For the world’s number one CRM platform, deep search is the missing piece. Salesforce users lack the ability to search multiple organizations and external data sources as if they were a single cloud.

KonaSearch is the first deep search engine to provide a 360° view of this cloud from the Salesforce desktop. Enhanced by BasisTech’s AI-powered text analytics, with its ability to connect people, places, and organizations, KonaSearch can now discover data connections to deliver the most relevant search results across the entire information landscape and in every major language.

Andrew McKay, KonaSearch CEO and enterprise search veteran, joins BasisTech as General Manager of the new KonaSearch Division. McKay is focusing on expanding the product’s footprint internationally, especially in Europe, Japan, and the Middle East.

“Before the next wave of artificial intelligence can truly benefit enterprise applications, data barriers must be removed,” BasisTech CEO, Carl Hoffman notes. “As a combined company, we will enable more enterprises to realize the full value of their data.”

“We are excited to join BasisTech, the leading independent provider of commercial NLP,” McKay said. “The future of enterprise information systems isn’t about data. It’s not even about accessing this data because we already access everything. It’s about exploiting the hidden connections between the data sources to enable a truly complete view. With BasisTech we can deliver this future by bringing deep search to the Salesforce market and beyond.”

About​ ​BasisTech

Verifying identity, understanding customers, anticipating world events, uncovering crime. For over twenty years, BasisTech has provided analytics enabling businesses and governments to tackle some of their toughest problems. Rosette text analytics employs a hybrid of classical machine learning and deep neural nets to extract meaningful information from unstructured data. Autopsy, our digital forensics platform, and Cyber Triage, our tool for first responders, serve the needs of law enforcement, national security, and legal technologists with over 5,000 downloads every week. KonaSearch enables natural language queries of every field, object, and file in Salesforce and external sources from a single index. For more information, email or visit and