Basis Technology Appoints New Executive to Grow Text Analytics in International Markets

New Senior VP Answers Demand From Both Public and Private Sectors

CAMBRIDGE, Massachusetts, May 19, 2016 — Basis Technology, the recognized leader in multilingual text analytics, announced the appointment of Eric von Eckartsberg as Senior Vice President of Worldwide Business Development, to address the growing demand for text analytics around the world. With an international background that spans start-ups, large multinationals, and government, von Eckartsberg will use his experience to identify where Basis Technology solutions intersect with an unprecedented demand for big data analytics, especially for unstructured text.

CEO Carl Hoffman said von Eckartsberg “has the vision we need in senior management—the right blend of enterprise experience and depth to grow the company to the next level. He knows how to achieve growth without cutting corners or sacrificing quality, which are key to remaining customer-centric.”

“Basis Technology has the know-how, client base, and products, which make it an ideal choice for organizations responding to disruptive developments in big data analytics and adopting open source platforms for search and discovery. My job is to engage with these prospects and discover what they need,” von Eckartsberg said. “By moving closer to the end user, I’ll be able to show we are ready to advance their mission.”

Before joining Basis Technology, von Eckartsberg held sales and business development positions at both private companies (RedSeal Networks, Digital Reasoning System, Perceptive Pixel, Endeca Technologies, and Visual Sciences) and for the U.S. Government. He is based in the metropolitan DC area.

About Basis Technology

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