Basis Technology and Data to Decisions CRC Partner to Strengthen Australian National Security

Partnership provides intelligence analysts with predictive analytics and “intelligence pictures” of entities of interest

CAMBRIDGE, Mass., May 24, 2016 — Data to Decisions CRC (D2DCRC)—a part of the Australian government initiative, The Cooperative Research Centres Programme— has selected Rosette® text analytics from Basis Technology to provide critical analysis of multilingual, open data sources, such as social media and newsfeeds, for two projects funded by the Australian government to strengthen national security.

The Apostle Project will develop an automated system that paints an “intelligence picture” of particular people, places, and organizations of interest to intelligence analysts. The Beat the News project will analyze open source intelligence data—both text and multimedia—to forecast civil unrest events.

D2DCRC acts as an R&D integrator, seeking out best-of-breed technology from all over the world, and augmenting it with custom development to fulfill the current and future national security needs of Australian federal government agencies.

“Motivating these projects is the fact that intelligence analysts are drowning in information, and spending more time gathering data and less time doing analysis. That’s only going to get worse,” D2DCRC CEO Sanjay Mazumdar said. “At present, building an ‘intelligence picture’ of a person or organization is very manual. Our goal is to automate the data gathering, so that analysts spend more time analyzing, linking, and interrogating the data.

“That Basis Technology had experience in predictive analytics projects and a successful track record in the U.S. national security community, were key factors in our choosing Rosette.”

“Our partnership with Data to Decisions CRC enables longer range and more accurate event prediction, by allowing the team to make use of data sources in a broader range of languages,” said Gregor Stewart, VP of Product Management at Basis Technology. “This initiative builds on our work in previous predictive analytics projects, and presents unique challenges suited to the powerful adaptability features of Rosette that can eke out an extra few percentage points of accuracy when it is really needed.”

About Data to Decisions CRC

Established with a grant of $25 million in July 2014, the Data to Decisions CRC is part of the Cooperative Research Centres Programme where, with funding from the Australian Government, researchers and industry leaders are brought together to provide Big Data capabilities, resulting in a safer and more secure nation, and a sustainable Big Data workforce for Australia. Data to Decisions CRC’s mission is to undertake impactful NLP research and development, delivering outcomes to national security and other data intensive sectors.

About Basis Technology

Analyzing text—the hardest part of big data—is critical to verifying identity, understanding customers, anticipating world events, and uncovering crime. Companies such as Airbnb®, Luminoso®, Recorded Future®, Tamr™, and Yelp®, and agencies across the U.S. intelligence community, use Rosette to solve their toughest human language problems. For over 20 years, Basis Technology has been at the forefront of natural language processing applied to enterprise search, social listening, e-commerce, and e-discovery. Our cyber forensics team pioneers better, faster, and cheaper techniques to extract digital evidence, keeping government and law enforcement ahead of exponential growth of data volumes. For more information, visit or write to