AI and NLP Leaders Basis Technology and Saltlux Announce Partnership

Joint projects include Korean government R&D on semantic networks, natural language understanding

CAMBRIDGE, MASS.​ (May 18, 2020) – AI and machine learning solution providers Saltlux and Basis Technology are pleased to announce their partnership. The first collaboration is to deliver innovative natural language processing technology to Exobrain (, a multi-year R&D project for artificial intelligence (AI) sponsored by the Korean government.

Exobrain is sponsored by a consortium of major Korean research institutes to develop AI technology in the language-processing field for big data analytics to support decision-making and answer questions in a wide range of fields, such as medicine and law. In the Exobrain project, Saltlux is sponsor of the second major phase, which includes: construction of knowledge in expert fields, development of technology for a Q&A knowledge base, and an intelligent consulting platform.

“We invited Basis Technology to join forces to deliver the highest quality platform to Exobrain,” said Tony Lee, CEO of Saltlux. “We knew that they would add valuable missing languages to our tool, and strengthen our entity extraction and linking capabilities.”

“We are excited to collaborate with Saltlux, both on the Exobrain project and in the commercial markets of Korea and Asia,” said Carl Hoffman, CEO of Basis Technology. “Korea is a rapidly growing AI center, and with Saltlux’s focus on different AI applications than Basis Technology, together we can push the envelope of what is possible today in the multilingual natural language understanding and search technology spaces.”

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