Name Matching Gets a Shot in the ARM(chip)

AI Innovation Stories Webinar Series

Border security has only 10 seconds to check each air passenger against no-fly and watchlists. Financial institutions screen millions of transactions and new customers daily against OFAC and sanctions lists. This is where Rosette Name Indexer comes in—we understand why accuracy and speed are essential to making the world a safer place.

Learn more by joining our webinar, AI Stories of Innovation: Name Matching Gets a Shot in the ARM (chip) on Thursday, November 18 (choose between sessions at 10am GMT or 1pm ET/10am PT). Declan Trezise, Director of Global Solutions Engineering, will join Peter De Bie, Senior Sales Engineer for a lively discussion.

On this short, discussion-style webinar we’ll discuss:

  • Why there’s an emergent need for RNI on ARM
  • Why porting from Rosette to ARM produces major performance gains and reduced hardware costs (we’re talking an estimated cost savings of more than 40% in a year!) 
  • How to reduce false positives and save the environment simultaneously
  • How innovative technology for name matching and the availability of a power efficient ARM chip will work to your advantage

Join us for the first in our new monthly mini-webinar series, AI Stories of Innovation!


Declan Trezise

Director of Global Solutions Engineering

Peter De Bie

Senior Sales Engineer