Deep Search for Salesforce

Recruiters, call centers and sales organizations are more effective because they find answers faster, easier and more accurately with KonaSearch. Recruiters match better candidates to job orders. Service staff provide clearer responses to cases. Sales people find the right account or opportunity.

KonaSearch is an AI-driven natural language search and matching app that searches every field, object and file in Salesforce, and other data sources like SharePoint & databases, all from the same index. It also searches through object relationships and across Salesforce organizations.

  • Install and configure KonaSearch in minutes (no coding needed) or white-label it using our API.
  • Have multiple custom search pages and matching layouts.
  • Save queries, reuse and share them.
  • Export results to CSV, Salesforce report, or pass them to a function.

All of this is secure because KonaSearch uniquely resolves Salesforce’s entire permissioning logic, including role hierarchies and sharing rules, automatically on every query in its own virtual private cloud.

Visit the KonaSearch website to learn more about its features and read case studies.

Visit Konasearch.com