All your company data, on demand

Find the information you need to run your business without ever leaving Salesforce: all objects and files, multiple orgs, SharePoint, Google Drive, databases, legacy apps, OCR, etc. Then turn your search into action through deep search automation.

Kona Studio

Consumer search is tailored to individual behavior, but organizations are more interested in finding the right answer. We search all objects and files across orgs and external data sources, returning results to a record view or workflow.

Kona Talent Matching

Recruiting firms are challenged to stay competitive in a fast changing market. We match candidates to job orders, or vice versa, to automate workflow and respond faster with more relevant results.

Kona IP Protection

We deliver compliance and governance with a live monitoring system that automatically deep scans new data as it appears, quarantining, cleaning, and flagging suspect files for further manual analysis.

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