Unlock the “Black Box”

The Honest Guide to AI for Risk

The only way AI’s going to make a real impact in finance, healthcare, and other highly regulated industries is if the “black box” problem tackled head on.

The Amazing, Anti-Jargon, Insight-Filled, and Totally Free Handbook to Integrating AI in Highly Regulated Industries does exactly that. Featuring in-depth pieces from almost a dozen subject-matter experts, this handbook provides a comprehensive breakdown of the problem… and detailed strategies to help you create a solution.

This handbook includes:

  • Clear explanations of core AI technology and terminology
  • AI’s fundamental value proposition to firms in highly regulated industries
  • Clear explanations of the “black box” problem and why it’s proven to be such a challenge
  • Concise history of the relevant regulatory policy, the relationship between the regulatory community and commercial enterprise, and key emerging developments
  • Insightful, in-depth guidance on building sophisticated AI systems that comply