Rosette Product Update Webinar – 8:00AM GMT

May 21, 2019

Online, Worldwide

Natural language processing (NLP) is advancing at breakneck speeds, and we have some exciting developments to share.

This one-hour webinar is an opportunity to get up to speed with the latest enhancements to the Rosette Text Analytics platform and overarching trends in NLP.

Chris Mack, VP of Text Analytics, will cover how Rosette uses semantic signals to extract and link entities to open or proprietary knowledge bases. He also will demo a new tool for visualizing machine learning-powered cross-lingual fuzzy name matching.

Kfir Bar, Chief Scientist, will discuss how active learning is enabling the next wave of human language technology, such as event and semantic relationship extraction.

The webinar will consist of a 45-minute presentation and 15 minutes of live Q&A. As always, our support team will be available to answer additional questions, including those specific to your technology environment, via email after the webinar.

  • 9:00 Lisbon, London
  • 10:00 Paris
  • 11:00 Istanbul, Moscow, Tel Aviv
  • 13:30 New Delhi
  • 16:00 Beijing, Manila
  • 17:00 Tokyo, Seoul
  • 18:00 Melbourne