WEBINAR: Longitudinal Education Research Hinges on Unique IDs

August 16, 2022 •  Virtual, Online

Longitudinal Education Research Hinges on Unique IDs

The ability to measure education outcomes is critical for improving programs and securing funding. But conducting longitudinal research requires connecting data with identities in a way that doesn’t compromise an individual’s privacy.  

A unique ID that follows a student throughout their educational journey but separates them from personally identifiable information is one solution. 

In this webinar Elissa Seto, Director of Sales and Marketing at eScholar and Tina Lieu, Content Consultant at Basis Technology discuss how solutions from eScholar enabled the New Mexico Public Education Department to determine that state-funded childcare was a smart bet for improved education outcomes.

Attendees will learn: 

  • How name matching helps match millions of records and avoid duplication
  • How educational systems can protect privacy while collecting longitudinal research data
  • How states are relying on unique IDs to analyze programs and education outcomes
  • How New Mexico used an integrated data system built on unique IDs to yield startling insights into childcare programs. 

This webinar is hosted by Basis Technology, with special guest eScholar.

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Elissa Seto

Director of Marketing and Sales

Tina Lieu

Content Consultant
Basis Technology