Two Faces to the Same Linux: GUI Environments

May 19, 2022 •  Virtual, Worldwide

Join us at 11am ET for this webinar.

In the past we looked at Linux servers and how to investigate them. This time, we flipped the coin, and it’s Linux again, but this time it’s Linux desktops. There are other GUI environments available for the Linux operating system, but the most prevalent two are GNOME and KDE. This talk will demonstrate how to investigate user activity in each of these GUI environments, as well as what artifacts are accessible and where to find them. Eventually, a comparison between the two will be called for.


Dr. Ali Hadi

Champlain College / Cyber 5W

Ali Hadi is a Senior Cybersecurity Specialist with 15+ years of industrial experience in Information Technology (IT), currently working as a full-time professor for both the Computer & Digital Forensics and Cybersecurity Departments at Champlain College, USA. Ali is also a Co-Founder and the Research Director at Cyber 5W. He provides consulting in several areas of Cybersecurity including digital forensics and incident response, malware analysis, cyber threat hunting, and adversary emulation. He is also an author and speaker. His research interests include digital forensics, incident response, adversary emulation, and offensive security. More details could be found here. https://www.ashemery.com/bio.html

Dr. Mariam Khader

Champlain College

Mariam Khader is an Assistant Professor at Champlain College, USA. She holds a PhD in Computer Science and MSc in IT Security and Digital Criminology. She is also a researcher at the Leahy Center focusing on Mobile, Operating System Forensics, and Big Data Forensics.