Webinar: Transparent and Explainable Name Matching for Screening Systems

October 01, 2020 •  Online, Worldwide

11:30am – 12:00pm EDT

An effective screening system must quickly, accurately match customer names against watchlists, but the matching must also be explainable to regulators and configurable to your specific data and goals. This webinar goes into the inner workings of name matching technology by Rosette, which is integrated into many major financial compliance systems and by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security and other border security agencies around the world. 

We will discuss the techniques Rosette uses for name matching in 15+ languages and across 13+ variations. What is the business and engineering logic that underpins the choice of those techniques, and the various reasons why traditional rules-based or edit distance oriented matching techniques fail. We walk through an example of screening customers against a watch list and discuss the importance of good thresholding (selecting a score above which two names are considered “a match”) and having tunability and explainability in your matching system. In a demo of Rosette Match Studio, see in real-time how match scores and results are affected by each configuration and weight change. Time for Q&A will follow the talk and demo.


If you are unable to make it live, we’ll provide the recording to everyone who registers. 


Nick Belanger

Senior Sales Engineer

Basis Technology

Nick works with Basis Technology customers in the field to deploy complex NLP solutions. Previous to joining Basis, Nick worked as a high-level Sales Engineer at SmartBear software and graduated from the College of Wooster.