Suits and Spooks

Mar 29, 2019

Washington, DC

Check out Basis Technology’s Chief Scientist Kfir Bar, who will speak at this one day event.

AI for Human Languages

Applying AI techniques to Human Languages can enhance the productivity of knowledge workers. However, this potential can be impeded by challenges related to language representation, data quality, and scalability.

To achieve the promises of AI, algorithms in the field of Natural Language Processing (NLP) need to comprehend events and named entities in text with human or beyond-human accuracy. In this talk, we will survey recent results of applying AI techniques on some NLP tasks, such as named entity recognition and event extraction. We will discuss the difference we see in accuracy and speed, while comparing some of the best known deep architectures with a basic statistical approach. We will discuss the challenges of processing languages in multiple languages, such as English, Arabic and Korean.

The main focus of this talk is to discuss the practical, industry-level, considerations for deploying deep cutting-edge AI solutions, including prediction speed, accuracy and explainability.