Log Parser as a Forensic Tool

March 29, 2022 •  Virtual, Worldwide

Join us at 12pm ET for this webinar.

Log Parser is a MS tool which can be incorporated into open source tools to work as a fast, lightweight tool to collect operating system data, registry data, and log files as well as the ability to quickly parse log files and registry data.

Along with tools from the Sleuth Kit, such as find, it can be a full featured, open source incident response tool.


Robert Kardell

Baird Holm, LLP

Robert Kardell started with the FBI out of law school in 1992. He worked computer crimes from 1998 in Chicago and eventually worked in the Regional Computer Forensics Lap in Chicago. After that he worked on computer forensics and accounting forensics in the private sector from 2005 to 2009, at which time he returned to the FBI working on and managing a variety of cases. He retired in 2018 to start a law practice help companies recover from cyber breaches.