Human Language Technology Conference 2021 (#HLTCon)

March 16 - 18, 2021 •  Online, Worldwide

For information on speakers and agenda, please visit hltcon.org.

Human Language Technology (HLT) cannot be “future proofed” because the target is organic, ever changing, human language. Like a weather forecast, a static model is only accurate at a point in time. What we need is the NLP equivalent of a weather app pulling in streaming live weather data.

Adaptation is the future of HLT: continuously learning models that are quickly spun up with an annotation effort to “crawl”; then adapted to learn new domains to “walk”; and receive the fine-tuning and corrections in the field from non-technical subject matter experts who will see HLT run!

Today, models of human language can learn and evolve in the same way as children, and adaptation systems are key to making that all work. Come to HLTCon to learn more about these innovations that will keep your analytics accurate and relevant to your mission.


Human Language Technology Conference 2021 (#HLTCon)