Webinar: The Global Spectrum of Risk – Understanding the Diverse Nature of Global Compliance

November 16, 2020 •  Online, Worldwide

Please join us for a webinar on November 16 at either 8:00 am ET or 2:00 pm ET. If you are unable to make it live, we’ll provide the recording to everyone who registers

The Global Spectrum of Risk

Understanding the Diverse Nature of Global Compliance

Regardless of size or scope, all financial institutions and FinTechs must manage global variations in names and understand the geographic variations in risk. Without an informed gameplan handling for global name matching, proper screening and due diligence is impossible. Without up to date understanding of the global risk landscape, key risks fall through the cracks.

In The Global Spectrum of Risk, you’ll hear directly from experts in both of these areas and learn how you can manage these critical compliance risks:

  • Understand the complexity of global name variation and how that impacts account creation, customer due diligence, and screening.
  • Understand emerging trends in global risk to ensure compliance teams avoid historical risk misconceptions and focus their efforts according to the current state of risk.

Featuring 25 minutes of Q&A, this interactive webinar will help you navigate the increasing challenges of global compliance.


  • Introduction – Alex Detmering (5 min)
  • Panel – Greg Pinn, Steve Cohen (20 min)
  • Q&A – Greg Pinn, Steve Cohen (25 min)




Greg Pinn

Head of Strategy


Greg Pinn is the Senior Director of Data, Strategy, and Operations at Merlon.ai. He has spent the last 12+ years building industry-leading software and data products for anti-money laundering (AML) and know-your-customer (KYC) to reduce reputational and regulatory risk and ensure compliance with global regulations. He is currently working with a global team of AI and NLP experts to develop the most advanced, AI-powered adverse media research platform for enhanced AML Investigations, ensuring financial institutions access relevant data to make key customer onboarding and monitoring decisions.

Steve Cohen


Basis Technology

Steve co-founded Basis Technology in 1995 and oversees the firm's business operations. With his engineering background, Steve seeks to move the dial on real-world problems by finding achievable waypoints between academic thinking and production-grade technology.

In the mid-90s, Steve recognized a common need among major search engines—Infoseek, Lycos, Google, Yahoo!—and led the company to develop its first text analytics products. With the success of these products, the company started building AI applications for mission-critical operations for national security. Steve is now working to bring the technology developed for the US Intelligence community back to the commercial sector for risk management and opportunity building applications.

Prior to Basis Technology, Steve was an engineering manager for Cognex Corporation in Tokyo and development manager for SMT device inspection. He also consulted on software internationalization engineering and developed software for embedded systems and electronic test equipment. Steve has a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering from MIT and studied at Waseda University in Tokyo. He actively mentors startup companies at Mass Challenge and other incubators.