Elastic Meetup

Dec 13, 2017

Washington, DC

Enhance your Elasticsearch index to put the “who” in intel discovery

Finding the most valuable intelligence and targets in the volume and variety of today’s multi language data stream is increasingly complex, requiring stronger, faster, and smarter search tools. To empower the Elasticsearch engine, to feed discovery and alerting systems, and to populate knowledge graph, Basis Tech has developed three plug-and-play Elasticsearch plugins. Above all, these raise precision and recall for the who, the what, and the where, across dozens of the most critical languages.

In this 30-minute talk, Rosette Managing Director of Solution Engineers, Peter Harding, will demonstrate these text analytic plugins, showing the power of an enriched Elasticsearch index.

We’ll show mission application by:

– Providing automated triage of multi-language text, working in the original languages

– Ensuring analysts can focus on relevant information and not iterating across false positives or missing targets due to false negatives

– Creating a multilingual alerting system, resolving names across scripts, languages, and cultures.

About our Speaker

Peter Harding leads the global Rosette Solutions Engineering team, helping users to implement, customize and optimize their Rosette Text Analytics tool. Prior to Basis Tech, Peter lead development and delivery of big data analytic solutions at Booz Allen Hamilton, using technologies like MapReduce, Storm, Accumulo, Solr, Kafka, and Spark.

Event Schedule

6pm – Networking, eat pizza, drink beer

6.30pm – Welcome to Elastic User Group DC by Salar Rahmanian ( http://www.softinio.com/ )

6.35pm – Enhance your Elasticsearch index to put the “who” in intel discovery by Peter Harding

7.30pm – Announcements, people looking for jobs, people looking to hire, recruiters looking to hire (in this order please)

7.40pm – more networking, eat pizza, drink beer

8pm – End of event