Computer Autopsies: Use Free Forensic Software

March 31, 2021 •  Online, Worldwide

Please join us for a webinar on March 31 at 11:00 am EST / 5:00 pm CET. If you are unable to make it live, we’ll provide the recording to everyone who registers

Computer Autopsies: Use Free Forensic Software

María Andrea Vignau will cover a real world case solved using Autopsy, giving all the necessary introduction to the work, covering:
1- Get evidence – Considerations about getting evidence from the field, preserving it. Chain of custody.
2- Make forensic copies – Using free software to make forensic sound images on evidence.
Using open source software.
3- Data analysis with Autopsy – The Autopsy SleuthKit’s workflow, from creating a case to obtaining reports.
Overview of the Graphical Interface and the possibilities.
4- Extending Autopsy with Python – How to extend autopsy using python, creating modules.
The developing environment, module’s types and use cases of each one.
5- María’s plugin, used to present evidence in a real case. Her real experience using this extending capabilities included in Autopsy, and why it was very helpful on a specially difficult case.



Computer Autopsies: Use Free Forensic Software


María Andrea Vignau

Information Systems Engineer

Gabinete Científico de Resistencia, Chaco Province's Judiciary, Argentina

María Andrea Vignau - Information Systems Engineer, work as Computer Expert in Power of attorney
- Organizer of: Autodefensa Digital 2019 in Resistencia, Argentina
- Also organizer of Flisol 2019/2018/2017 in Resistencia and PyDay 2018/2019.
- Speaker in PyCon 2019 Cleveland, Ohio, USA.
- Speaker on many many occasions in Argentina.
- User and plugin developer of Autopsy SleuthKit
- Information system engineer