Boston AI Night at Venture Cafe Tokyo

Oct 25, 2018

Tokyo, Japan

Basis Technology hosts a “Boston AI” themed night at Venture Cafe in Tokyo, 4-9pm 10/25 at Venture Cafe Tokyo at Toranomon Hills Cafe. Come for networking at 4:30pm and stay for the program starting around 5:00pm.

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Featured speakers from:

  • Tamr combines the power of machine learning with human knowledge of data to combine, consolidate, and classify data across silos.
  • Luminoso analyzes tens of thousands of customer text communications within minutes, so companies can act on ideas, complaints, and praise that might otherwise go unread.
  • Diffeo’s collaborative AI agents bring you data for your research that you didn’t know you needed, unearthing surprising connections to people, companies, and insights.
  • Kona presents the ultimate in search for Salesforce and related databases (such as Sharepoint).
  • Basis Technology delivers the foundational text analysis required for AI and higher level applications, whether it is data for assembling knowledge graphs or automating ways to “clean” text for deep learning.

Venture Cafe Tokyo is a weekly Thursday gathering combines networking opportunities and events. Attendees enjoy lectures by innovators and participate in workshops to accelerate innovation and increase their network.