Webinar: AI-Powered Triage for Social Media Analytics

September 23, 2020 •  Online, Worldwide

11:30am – 12:00pm EDT

Whether you need to mine social media for research, competitive analysis, or public sentiment on a topic, text analytics by Rosette slurps oceans of social media posts at computer speed to lift out the data most pertinent to your goals. Discover the entities (people, places, products, and companies) mentioned, the topics of discussion, and people’s feelings about these entities and topics. Learn about the categorization options, the benefits of metadata tagging, and the tools used to prep documents for storage in databases. And more importantly, how do you quickly and accurately retrieve that information? Time for Q&A will follow the talk and demo.


If you are unable to make it live, we’ll provide the recording to everyone who registers. 


Nick Belanger

Senior Sales Engineer

Basis Technology

Nick works with Basis Technology customers in the field to deploy complex NLP solutions. Previous to joining Basis, Nick worked as a high-level Sales Engineer at SmartBear software and graduated from the College of Wooster.