How to Evaluate and Buy Name Matching Technology

A Business Person's Guide to a Technical Evaluation
February 16, 10am EST and 12pm EST

This webinar is for managers and engineers who want to learn a systematic method and the basic concepts that will soundly guide you to select a name matching technology to solve a business issue. Learn about “precision” and “recall” which measure accuracy and what constitutes quality test data. Most importantly, learn how to determine the baseline accuracy of your current system to see how much better (or worse) an alternative might be, using an objective and repeatable approach.

We talk through recommendations for good test data, accuracy metrics, and finally what other considerations and questions you should ask about each tool. By the end, you will know how to pick the tool that will best serve your business needs, whether for watchlist screening, master data management (e.g., customer 360), or searching for records using names.

This 20-minute presentation will be followed by 10 minutes of Q&A. There are two sessions to choose from.

Wednesday, February 16
10am EST / 3pm GMT
12pm EST / 5pm GMT


Peter Harding

Professional Services Engineer

Karin Lin

Senior Software Engineer