Upgrade Elasticsearch’s Fuzzy Search
with Rosette’s Name Matching

Wednesday, April 27, 10 am ET

For storing, searching, and analyzing documents at scale, Elasticsearch is the leading solution.

But when it comes to fuzzy name matching – or the ability to assess the likelihood that two names match – Elasticsearch falls short. This can be a big problem in situations where precise name matching is critical. 

In this 30-minute discussion between Brian Rogers, an architect of a complex foreign military sales system and Michael Harris, Director of Field Operations at BasisTech, you’ll discover how Rosette can turbocharge the name matching capabilities of Elasticsearch to help you find the names of people, organizations and locations in your unstructured data. 

Learn how Rosette Name Indexer helped a government agency increase the accuracy of its name matching searches from within Elasticsearch – without having to replace existing systems.


Michael Harris

Brian Rogers

Brian Rogers