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We transform innovations into frontline solutions for fighting financial fraud, making government smarter, and protecting citizens around the world.

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We are the leading provider of software solutions for multilingual text analytics, identity resolution, and digital forensics. Our solutions are used by leading technology companies and government organizations to improve the accuracy of information retrieval, text mining and other applications through advanced linguistics and digital forensics.

At Basis Technology, you will find a diverse team of people dedicated to the success of our company, our customers, and our employees. Our reputation is built on a foundation of excellence, and we judge ourselves based on our customers’ success. We deliver on our commitments, respond to our customers’ needs, and do not promise what we cannot deliver.

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What our interns and co-ops have to say

“It’s a great place to experience working in a company. It’s the perfect size, where the intern program is well established and organized, and yet not too big, so we feel like we are contributing. The environment is welcoming and fun, relaxed but driven. I had a great time working with and getting to know the other interns as well as full-time employees.””

Software engineering intern
As a co-op at Basis, I really was a full-fledged member of the team. Not only did I get to work on meaningful software, but I got a chance to own and become an expert in different parts of the codebase.”

Software engineering intern
“I would fully recommend Basis to others because it is a great environment for students to learn and grow at their own pace. The people here have experienced co-ops and interns so much that they know what to expect and they know how to make the most out of the opportunity. Basis was a great place for me to have my final co-op and in retrospect, I would not have had it any other way.”

Software engineering intern
The work environment is excellent, I’ve heard from friends of mine that they’re segregated into their “coop corners” or given solely busy work. Here at Basis all the coops seem to be integrated very well into the general office, and treated as colleagues. In addition, the office environment is very welcoming. The workplace is clean and well-lit, and the snacks, lunches, delicious coffee, and other incredible perks really make me feel valued.”

Software engineering intern


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