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We transform innovations into frontline solutions for fighting financial fraud, making government smarter, and protecting citizens around the world.

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While you may not recognize our name, we guarantee you’re familiar with our work.

If you’ve flown on a plane, opened a bank account, or rented through the sharing economy, you’ve encountered our algorithms: natural language processing technology that powers the most important systems on Earth.

But that’s not why we’re here. We know that while we’re building incredible technology, each and every one of us makes a difference. We’re not cogs in a big tech machine. We are each unique individuals making our own indelible marks.

It’s challenging work, but we love it. Because we’re wholehearted believers in the power of persistence to solve any problem, and we only solve problems that matter. And who are we? A diverse team of creators united by one mission: To engineer a better world by bridging the gap between human language and computer analysis.

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“As an industry leading provider of document exploitation technologies, we rely on Basis Technology for advanced linguistic technology to provide accurate document triage. Integrating their linguistics platform allows us to deliver the most comprehensive language coverage required by our forward-deployed customers in the defense and intelligence community.”

— Carl Muller, Senior Vice President

“Without Basis Technology, we wouldn’t be able to do what we do. We would have had to originate similar capabilities ourselves, which certainly would have set us back in terms of both time and cost.”

— Matt Kodama, VP Data Science

“We chose Basis Technology because it improves the efficiency, speed, and accuracy of our screening, and keeps us compliant with sanctions regulations and free from incurring hefty fines. But the real value is delivering a seamless customer experience for good customers whilst protecting Uphold by flagging bad actors.”

— Chris Adjei-Ampofo, CIO

“We are constantly moving the needle of automating that which is complex… The reality is without Basis Technology, we wouldn’t be able to apply automation.”

— Nathaniel Palmer, Chief Architect

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Join a creator culture

At Basis, you’ll never be just another cog in the machine. From engineers to graphic designers, we empower every person in our company to make their mark.
If you’ve got creativity, ambition, and heart, your ability to impact is endless. So don’t come to Basis for a desk job. This crew is for creators.

creator culture

Design your work-life

We’ve run a hybrid workplace for over a decade and give our employees the freedom to engineer work lives they love. We expect the best out of you, and we know you’re the best at making that happen.
Oh, if the office is part of your flow, we built our gorgeous workspaces to help you channel your genius (and fuel your cookie monster).

Love on the frontier

Since its founding, our company has lived on the edge of innovation. We adopted machine learning, neural networks, text embeddings, and many other technologies right out of the lab.
We thrive at the intersection of discovery and implementation. Got some pioneer in your veins? Welcome home.

frontier spirit

Enjoy benefits with heart

Along with a comprehensive insurance package, you’ll be given flexible time off, reimbursed for school tuition and gym memberships, and rewarded for healthy living. We’ll even send snacks straight to your door.

As for the paycheck… we guarantee you’ll smile.

Meet inspired people

Our employees are cut from unusual cloth: They spend their mornings training AI models, their lunches debating Russian novelists, and their evenings Olympic lifting. They come from everywhere, and they do just about everything.
If you’re looking for a group that’ll get you excited to wake up on weekdays, then your search is over.

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“I love Basis because I get to work with great, diverse people on interesting projects that combine my technical and language skills.”

Karin Lin

Senior Software Engineer


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