Arabic Name Translation

Accurately Translates Arabic Names Into and Out of English

Rosette® Name Translator (RNT) accurately translates Arabic names to a standard English spelling suitable for integrating into software used by people and information systems in finance, law enforcement, intelligence, border control, and litigation support. The Name Translator can also convert Arabic names written in English characters into Arabic script. This enables the software to standardize English spelling for all Arabic names.

Arabic Name Translation Trusted By Governments and Financial Institutions

Governments and financial institutions use Rosette Name Translator to standardize the spelling of names of people and places to ensure that information retrieval systems will find all occurrences of a person in their data. For over 20 years, Basis Technology has provided software tools for analyzing and extracting information from multilingual text.

Integrate Name Translation Into Any Software Application

Whether your application just needs a way to import data written in Arabic, or your English-speaking users need to get an idea of the names in an Arabic document, Rosette Name Translator easily integrates into applications via a Java API.

Translates Names from Arabic to English

Rosette Name Translator delivers English translations of names from written Arabic. It also supports, Persian (Farsi and Dari), Pashto, Urdu, Korean, Chinese, Japanese, and Russian. Several transliteration standards are supported for each language – including U.S. government-approved standards.

These capabilities can be used to:

  • Annotate names in search results for users not proficient in the language of the documents found
  • Support name analysis systems that only accept Latin characters as input
  • Standardize the English spellings of foreign names for data consistency and more complete information retrieval

Translates Names from English to Arabic

Rosette Name Translator can also take names in English and translate them back to the original Arabic. The example below shows how seemingly different names in English actually map back to the same name in the original Arabic. The name translator understands and correctly handles these variations and delivers accurate and consistent results.

Name in English Name Translated to Arabic
Abul-qassem El-Chabby ابو القاسم الشابي
Abo Al-Qassim Al-Shabbi‎

Standardizes Names Despite Variations Found in Real-World Data

Data in the world is frequently inconsistent, incomplete or otherwise “messy.” Rosette Name Translator correctly translates Arabic names originally written with spelling errors caused by missing spaces and common typos. In addition, names written in “unvocalized” Arabic (i.e., without short vowels) are automatically vocalized to enable an accurate phonetic translation.

Rosette Name Translator produces English translations of Arabic names that adhere to the user-chosen transliteration standard. The software supports all of the commonly used transliteration standards including the U.S. Board on Geographic Names (“BGN”), the Foreign Broadcast Information Service (“FBIS”), the Middle East Languages Transliteration Standard (“MELTS”), the Intelligence Community Standard for the Transliteration of Arabic Names (the “IC Standard”) and the Standard Arabic Technical Transliteration System (“SATTS”).

Since some translations have to be a “best guess” due to linguistic ambiguities, Rosette Name Translator always returns a confidence score with each translated name. If the translation of a specific name has a low confidence score, when necessary, that name can be reviewed by a human being.

Full Understanding Provides True Translation Rather than Transliteration

Transliteration is conversion of a name between scripts, based on the spelling of the original name. Rosette Name Translator will convert names foreign to Arabic to their conventional English spelling. Take the name جورج بوش written in Arabic; its transliteration is “Jwrj Bwsh,” but the application will return its true translation of “George Bush”. See more samples of true Arabic to English translations.

Accuracy from Dictionaries, Algorithms, and Statistical Models

Rosette Name Translator combines dictionaries, linguistic algorithms, and statistical inference to derive accurate translations. For ease of integration with analysis systems, Rosette Name Translator provides multilingual name translation via a single API. Since a name can produce more than one possible translation due to linguistic ambiguities, the software provides a confidence score with each translation it returns.

Sample Arabic Translations

The following examples illustrate Rosette Name Translator’s ability to translate names between Arabic and English depending upon the name’s language of origin.

Transliteration Type Input Output
Person name Arabic-origin name بو يوسف يعقوب Abu Yusif Ya’qub
English-origin name رذرفورد بي هايز Rutherford B. Hayes
Place name Arabic-origin name باقة الشرقية Baqah Al-Sharqiyyah
Organization Acronym English-origin name بي بي سي B.B.C.

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  • Simple API
  • High-scale and throughput
  • Industrial-strength support
  • Easy installation
  • Flexible and customizable
  • Java
  • Unix, Linux, Mac, PC (64 or 32-bit)
  • Component of the Rosette SDK

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