Multilingual Search

Improve the speed and accuracy of your search application with advanced linguistic analysis.

Search Many Languages with High Accuracy

Every language, including English, presents unique and difficult challenges for search applications to deliver relevant and precise results. Rosette® Base Linguistics (RBL) enables enterprise applications to effectively search or process text in many languages by providing a complete set of linguistic services. RBL enriches the original text in its native language for best-of-class natural language processing, improving speed, and accuracy. As linguistics experts with deep understanding at the intersection of language and technology, Basis Technology continually improves the Rosette product family with language additions, feature updates, and the latest innovations from the academic world.

RLI - Rosette Language Identifier


  • Language Identification
  • Script Identification
  • Language Boundary Locator
  • Encoding Conversion

RBL - Rosette Base Linguistics


  • Tokenization
  • Lemmatization
  • Parts of Speech Tagging
  • Decompounding
  • Noun Phrase Extraction
  • Sentence Detection

REX - Rosette Entity Extractor


  • Automatic tagging of entities
  • 16 entity types
  • Disambiguation of similar names
  • Finds unique names

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