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Creating Actionable Intelligence from Open Source Data

Software to identify and extract intelligence from publicly available sources

Open source intelligence is valuable information extracted from publicly available data sources such as newspapers, blogs, Twitter, and other social media. Information from open source can greatly influence and inform government policy and actions; however, uncovering the important documents and sections among a vast haystack of irrelevant text can be very difficult and time-consuming. The Rosette suite of text analytics software boosts the productivity of scarce human resources by using sophisticated algorithms to quickly and accurately bring forth the documents worthy of review.

Unlock OSINT in Critical Languages

Basis Technology’s Rosette text analytics platform can process volumes of data automatically, identifying 55 languages, extracting names of people and places, and annotating names in foreign documents with English. The output of Rosette may feed into visualization and link analysis applications or alerting systems.

Software Components to Build a Multilingual OSINT Platform

Lightweight, fast, and scalable, our OSINT components can be used as the basis for a new OSINT application to monitor websites, news feeds, chat rooms, blogs, and social media for topics of interest. Alternatively, our OSINT components are easily integrated into pre-existing systems to provide the exact combination of functionality and language support required, without slowing overall performance.

Entity Extraction and Name Matching to Power Link Analysis and Alerting Systems

Our OSINT components provide automatic entity extraction (people, places, organizations, etc.) from data and find matching names. These data are the raw materials for link analysis and alerting systems, triggered to key names and concepts. Our entity extractor operates in 17 languages with options for users to add entities. The name matching component finds all references to a single person despite variant name spellings, typos, or names written in other languages, and operates in critical languages such as English, Arabic, Chinese, Dari, and Pashto.

A Complete OSINT Pipeline

Rosette Entity Extractor flags documents with the names of people and places, among other entities. Feeding foreign script names through Rosette Name Translator turns them into readable English for quick gisting when a linguist expert is not available. Similarly, when plugged into a search application, Rosette Name Indexer takes names searched in English, and finds all documents with that name even if it is spelled differently or written in Arabic, Korean, Persian, Pashto, and other languages.


A combination of Rosette Entity Extractor and Rosette Name Translator outputs name translations superior to commercial machine translation systems, first extracting names from the text and then translating them into English.

Governments Rely on Basis Technology

Governments around the world and agencies of the U.S. intelligence community, the Department of Defense, the FBI and others use our products for intelligence triage in critical languages—Arabic, Chinese, Dari, Farsi, Pashto, and Urdu. Our text analytics and name technologies serve vital functions in monitoring and sifting open source intelligence; correlating names against watch lists and between disparate reports; and boosting the productivity of scarce analysts and linguists.


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