Advanced Digital Forensics


Cracking New Digital Devices and Building Custom Solutions for “Large Data” Investigations

When agencies of the U.S. government need to examine uncommon digital devices, non-standard cellphones, or deal with exabytes of data to recover, they turn to Basis Technology for research, custom development, expert advice, and training.

Government Agencies Rely on Us for CELLEX and DOMEX Training and Research

Agencies of the U.S. government have repeatedly employed our team over the years to successfully enable some of their most challenging efforts and investigations in media exploitation. Our Washington, DC-based team is routinely engaged to train government operatives in the recovery and analysis of data from captured devices for document and media exploitation (DOMEX) or cellphone exploitation (CELLEX).

The digital forensics department is led by leading computer forensics expert, Brian Carrier, Ph.D., creator of the widely used open source digital forensic investigation tool, The Sleuth Kit. He is also author of File System Forensic Analysis—compulsory reading in many forensic courses.

A Team With “Insider” Knowledge to Crack Tough Storage Devices

Our team has backgrounds in digital forensics, but also hardware and software engineering. Their engineering expertise means they are versed in how data is protected and stored on devices. This insider’s understanding enables them to recover data from unusual devices or crack open hard-to-analyze file types and formats, and then build the tools to put that capability into the hands of investigators.

Automated, End-to-End Solutions for Faster, More Economical Big Data Digital Investigations

The digital forensic team at Basis Technology is uniquely qualified to build automated solutions to the specifications of customers who find their current tools or off-the-shelf, commercial software inadequate for keeping up with the tide of data. A custom solution may include a framework for chaining together disparate tools—both commercial and open source—or using advanced media analysis and exploitation techniques to find links between devices and people within one case, or across cases.

An example of a custom end-to-end solution is this prototype digital forensics system. This tool integrates Basis Technology’s advanced text analytics and allows analysts to more efficiently search and analyze data that are in languages that they do not speak.

Accelerate New Features and Technical Support for Open Source Digital Forensic Tools

Combine the flexibility of open source software and the reliability of commercial software with Basis Technology’s commercial support for open source tools, including The Sleuth Kit and AFF. Our support subscription service includes on-demand feature development and technical support services.

  • On-demand features – might include support for new file systems, new media types, new file types, and access to file system metadata.
  • Technical support – addresses advanced questions and problems not easily solved by the open source user community. Basis Technology’s support subscription for The Sleuth Kit provides access to the developers with a guaranteed response time and the ability to escalate the priority of feature requests.

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