Basis Technology products streamline the multilingual, unstructured data analysis pipeline for information-driven industries.

Government Intelligence

  • Text mining for OSINT, DOCEX, DOMEX, HUMINT, and SIGINT missions
  • Information triage
  • Watch list monitoring
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  • Text analytics to identify and enable search in many languages during identification, processing, review, and analysis phases of the electronic discovery reference model (EDRM)
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Financial Compliance

  • Compliance with AML and KYC regulations using cutting-edge name matching and name scoring technology for names in different languages and scripts
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Social Media Monitoring

  • Understand and discover trends and opinions in social media in over 40 languages by adding Rosette to social media analysis applications.
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Search-Based Applications

  • Rosette’s advanced linguistics enrich information retrieval engines and search-based applications for the web, the enterprise, social networking, social monitoring, and more.
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Apache Lucene & Solr

  • Apache Lucene & Solr Rosette adds language support for rapid deployment of multilingual-capable open source search engines
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dtSearch Text Retrieval Engine

  • Text Retrieval Engine Rosette adds multilingual support to dtSearch indexing and retrieval operations
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