Autopsy® is the premier digital forensics platform, built by Basis Technology and the open source community, consisting of thousands of users and developers worldwide.

Autopsy comes with the core features you would expect to find in commercial products, but also enables the creation of fast, thorough, and efficient hard drive investigation tools that evolve with your needs.

New in Autopsy 3.1!

  • - Multiple parallel pipelines for ingest
  • - File extension mismatch detection via signatures
  • - Android phone dump ingest module (parses contacts, call logs, messages)
  • - KML report module (EXIF information from JPEGs to Google Earth)
  • - Full Japanese language localization

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Digital Forensics


  • Simple Windows installation and intuitive and efficient workflow
  • Recent user activity extraction, including web activity and registry analysis
  • Keyword list and pattern search, including phone numbers, email addresses, URLs, and IP addresses
  • Hash database management
  • File signature and mismatch detection
  • Email analysis
  • Case management, file tagging, and report generation
  • Timeline analysis and creation

Commercial Support

Like many open source projects, Autopsy has an active online user community to help with basic problems and maintain email lists for users and developers. Oftentimes this level of support by the community has a difficult time scaling to enterprise level users. Most open source community members invest personal time to answer questions, and enterprise users deserve the responsiveness of dedicated partners who invest their corporate means into the support of the technology.


To maximize your efficiency and reduce the learning curve that can sometimes come with adopting a new tool, Basis Technology offers focused, hands-on training sessions for Autopsy. Our experienced training instructors lead in-depth sessions at fully-equipped training labs throughout the continental United States.

The training sessions are scheduled year. Basis Technology also provides mobile training, including shipping the training lab and instructor to your facility (or your preferred location). Please contact us for information regarding pricing and availability.

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