Digital Forensics Solutions

The tools and capabilities developed by Basis Technology allow you and your team to conduct digital investigations and perform incident response faster.

Equip your lab with best in class systems that exploit challenging data and automate the analysis of large data sets.


Autopsy is a Windows-based desktop digital forensics tool that is free, open source, and has all of the features that you’d normally find in commercial digital forensics tools. It is extensible and comes with features that include keyword search, hash matching, registry analysis, web analytics, and more. Basis Technology provides trainingcommercial support, and add-on modules.

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Cyber Triage™ is a commercial solution to help IT specialists and computer incident response teams analyze a Windows host to determine if it has been compromised. It prioritizes and analyzes host artifacts potentially related to a cyber intrusion, examines executables, and gets you your answers in minutes, not hours, or days.  It is designed to be easy to use and fast with a focus on best practices for incident response.

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Custom Workflows

We work closely with customers to define exactly what solution will solve their needs.  We’ve built many custom interfaces on top of the Autopsy platform that are designed for an organization’s specific workflows across DOCEX, MEDEX, and law enforcement use cases. With these interfaces, our customers’ users are more efficient because the tools do exactly what they need them to do in an intuitive way and further training costs are reduced.

Distributed System

We’ve applied many of the same principles we leverage in Autopsy while developing a custom system that uses a cluster of computers to more quickly analyze hard drive images. What used to take over a day to process can be done in hours and the solution is extensible to make it easy to add new analytics and tool automation.


Our examiners have worked on high-profile federal investigations and are certified in both mobile device and hard drive forensics.

They have also trained soldiers, law enforcement officials, and corporate investigators.

We support our examiners with software engineers who can rapidly build solutions when devices and files are encountered that are not supported by existing tools.

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