Migrating from FAST to Apache Solr™

Previously, CareerBuilder utilized the Norwegian search engine FAST as their core search technology. FAST proved to be an excellent solution for CareerBuilder for years, in no small part due to FAST’s reliance on Basis Technology’s Rosette® Base Linguistics (RBL) to provide advanced language analysis services such as tokenization, part of speech tagging, decompounding, and lemmatization.

Rosette Base Linguistic Components

In 2008, Microsoft® purchased FAST and shifted the product’s direction toward powering search within their Sharepoint® Enterprise Solution. After this direction shift, CareerBuilder, like many former FAST customers, turned to the open source search engine, Apache Solr™. With this major technology migration, CareerBuilder sought to optimize two different search scenarios to deliver a better user experience: User-initiated search and automated recommendation.

“At CareerBuilder, we are building talent management software that unlocks meaning in unstructured human capital data. Our core competencies include search, data classification, matching, and big data analytics, and relying upon Basis Technology for our linguistic analysis (in over a dozen languages) allows us to remain focused on our core competencies and ultimately provide more value to our customers.”

Trey Grainger – Director of Engineering, Search & Analytics at CareerBuilder


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