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Since originally coining the term the “Deep Web”, BrightPlanet has been consistently recognized as an industry leader in the collection of unstructured content from the public web at Big Data scale. BrightPlanet’s patented technology has been implemented by the U.S. Intelligence Community, leaders in Big Pharma, and innovative Financial Service Providers to harvest and enrich unstructured content in any language from both the Surface Web and the Deep Web.

The Smart Choice for Text Retrieval® since 1991, dtSearch offers 17 years of experience in text search. The dtSearch product line includes enterprise and developer text search products, meeting some of the largest-capacity text retrieval needs in the world. dtSearch products have received hundreds of excellent press reviews and case studies. The company has distributors worldwide, including coverage on six continents. Developer products include the dtSearch Engine for Win & .NET and the dtSearch Engine for Linux.


Exalead® is the leading search-based application platform provider to business and government. Its innovative CloudView EL (extended languages) is a unique information access platform that collects unstructured and structured data from any source and transforms it into a single, structured information resource for unified searches or for building next-generation search-based business applications. The Rosette text analysis technology integrated inside CloudView EL increases the accuracy and comprehensiveness of searches or search-based applications built on CloudView EL for Asian and Middle Eastern languages.


Perfect Search’s enterprise search solution delivers faster, more scalable search across exponentially growing data sets. Patented software innovation enables the world’s fastest search requiring significantly reduced hardware and system resources, so companies can quickly and cost-effectively access and use information from structured and unstructured data sets gathered from across the enterprise. With Perfect Search, enterprises can find the information they need when they need it—with unmatched speed and precision. By processing content from multiple systems to create a single, optimized real-time incremental index, Perfect Search permits incredibly high-speed, latency-free search and data retrieval. The ability to search up to 1 billion documents on a single server with Perfect Search translates into the ability to decrease search-related hardware by up to 90%. Perfect Search offers both search engine SDK for OEM and appliance solutions.

logo-smsi-largeSolutions Made Simple, Inc. (SMSi) is a leading provider of data management and IT solutions. Through a diversified and cleared professional consulting staff and its high performance Twister Data Framework® software suite, SMSi provides its customer base with the ability to protect, manage, and access data, while also enabling data integration, analysis, and information sharing.

logo-clouderaCloudera, the platform for Big Data, empowers data-driven enterprises organizations to easily derive business value from all their data at the speed of thought data and achieve a significant competitive advantage. Reinventing the economics and performance of Big Data management, Cloudera is the category leader in Apache Hadoop-based software, services and training.


Elastic is a company that believes getting insight from data matters. Built around three open source products — Elasticsearch, Logstash, and Kibana — Elastic is extending what’s possible with data, delivering on the promise that good things come from connecting the dots. Designed to help users take data from any source and search, analyze, and visualize it in real time, Elastic products are changing the way organizations get value from data. To learn more, visit www.elastic.co.


Basis Technology’s Lucene solution is strengthened through a partnership with LucidWorks, a company founded by the top developers of Apache Lucene and Apache Solr. LucidWorks is the first commercial entity exclusively dedicated to Apache Lucene/Solr open source technology. LucidWorks offers certified distributions of Lucene and Solr, commercial-grade support, training, high-level consulting and value-added software extensions.

logo-recorded-future-largeRecorded Future organizes information on the web in a radically new and useful way. Its linguistics and statistics algorithms extract time-related information and through temporal reasoning helps users understand relationships between entities and events over time, to form the world’s first temporal analytics engine. Recorded Future uses Rosette to triage incoming data in many languages, enable search and retrieval, and to discover the entities of interest in large volumes of web-sourced data.

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Search Technologies is the leading trusted and independent technology services firm specializing in the design, implementation, and management of search and big data applications. We have delivered results for over 500 customers including industry leaders in e-commerce, publishing, media, professional staffing, manufacturing, as well as the government sector. Our experienced consultants and unique technical assets ensure that your information retrieval and analysis initiatives result in solutions that are easier, less expensive, more powerful, and most of all more reliable.  Search Technologies has leveraged Basis Technology multi-lingual text analytics capabilities in many of our successful projects.

logo-sphinxSphinx Technologies Inc. develops the Sphinx search server and offers a full spectrum of Sphinx-related services: deployment, integration, production support, consulting and training, emergency assistance, sponsored feature development, commercial licensing, etc.


Connotate puts the power of Web data monitoring and collection into the hands of the business user. Connotate delivers the scalability, reliability and resiliency necessary to derive strategic value from dynamic, Web sources. Connotate’s growing customer list includes global businesses such as McGraw-Hill, Associated Press and Thomson Reuters. The Connotate solution has been named a KMWorld “Trend-Setting Product” for the past eight years. Connotate acquired Fetch Technologies in March 2012. For more information, please visit www.connotate.com and follow us on Twitter at @Connotate.

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Elexo specializes in commercial equipment for industrial testing and measurements, high-tech electronic equipment, as well as telecom infrastructure equipment. Its team of experts provide superlative support to their customers in France and French-speaking Africa.


A spin­out of the MIT Media Lab, Luminoso brings an unparalleled level of insight to text data. The explosive growth of big data in business and the accompanying need for analytics has produced a wealth of tools for understanding statistics, demographics and other quantitative data, however, these capabilities have been lacking for text. Luminoso addresses this need by providing a fast, scientific option for understanding text.


STAR I&T S.A. specializes in data analysis and intelligence solutions for governments and commercial enterprises. Our solutions identify, visualize, and analyze large volumes of data for applications including: social media monitoring, geospatial data analysis, and timelines. STAR is proud to partner with Basis Technology to deliver efficient solutions for extracting actionable intelligence from large quantities of data within various media.

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Zoomd’s innovative action recommendation engine for the mobile web creates new revenue opportunities and increases site “stickiness” for search engines, publishers, and e-commerce sites. ZoomdNext speeds smartphone users from web search to end goal by divining user intent and offering clickable next steps. Related search links from ZoomdNext can increase click-throughs by 20% for typical web searches.  From a product page, users might click to product reviews at multiple sites or compare products offered by affiliated partners. ZoomdNext integrates Rosette’s language identifier, entity extractor and entity resolver to support searches and semantic analysis of webpages in English, Portuguese, and Russian, with additional languages to come.

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